Pavani Kalyankar Choudary

Pavani Kalyankar Choudary

I attended the SAFe Agilist class hosted by Lead Agile Solutions head trainer Vijayan, and I was really hugely impressed by his experience in Agile methodologies. Vijayan has a deep understanding of SAFe implementations and importantly is able to articulate this in an appealing and understandable way. Everyone talks Agile, but he was able to correlate each concept in Agile to real-world scenarios. He was able to explain how to scale the concept to larger programs both clearly and concisely. His book ‘Unlocking the Science Behind Agile’ is additionally a great read for those wishing to get even further perspective of some of the principles with really drive Agile. Thanks for helping with the course and also always spreading positivity around.

Pavani Kalyankar Choudary Project Manager