Written and Published by Lead Agile Solutions

Written for all levels of Agile practitioners, this book reveals the science behind much of the Agile philosophy. 

Using real-world and relatable examples, it will demonstrate to the reader that business success through the practice of Agile is not a simple fluke but rather a well-orchestrated practised methodology which has fundamental scientific foundations.

  • How can certain people effortlessly complete literally dozens of impossible tasks in a single day?
  • What drives a team into that special zone where they turn the impossible into reality?
  • Why can some businesses design, build and release successful products to market in a matter of months while other companies cannot?

The connections between science and Agile has the answers.
Discover the scientific secrets behind Agile and how it contributes to business success and empowers the individual to reach greater heights of productivity and achievement.

By offering unique insights into many scientific connections with Agile practices, this book will unlock the reasons why understanding the science behind Agile is crucial to both business and personal success.

Education is our passport to the future. For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today – Malcolm X.

Your Agile journey need not stop with the completion of our courses. Agile’s very essence is a mindset, a value, a philosophy… Increasing one’s knowledge causes you to increase one’s stature, and reading is very much at the heart of learning. At LAS, we pride ourselves on building as much knowledge as we can through literature to pass onto you, and it is a resource we would very much like to share. Below are a number of recommended book titles that all of us at LAS have found inspirational in our own Agile journeys, all of which are sure to see you maximise your Leadership, Lean and Agile skills… enjoy…

Agile Essentials:

Scrum Masters Certification
Agile Estimating and Planning
Extreme Programming Explained
Succeeding with Agile
Agile Testing
Agile Project Management with Kanban
Lean Mastery
User Stories Applied

Building Great Teams:

Coaching Agile
unloking science behind agile
The Five Dysfunctions
Death by Meeting
Team of Teams
Crucial Conversations
Emotional Intelligence
Power of a Positive
Great ScrumMaster
Agile Retrospectives

Technical Agility:

Agile Software Requirements
Clean Architecture
BDD in Action
The Cucumber Book
The DevOps Handbook
The Phoenix Project


Good to Great
The New One Minute
Dare to Lead
Start With Why
Leaders Eat Last

Lean thinking:

Lean Thinking
The Toyota
Toyota Kata
The Lean Machine
The Lean Product Playbook
The Lean Startup
The Principles of Product
Lean Product Process Development

Scaled Agile Books:

SAFe Distilled
The Rollout
The ART of Avoiding
Scaling Software
Choose Your WoW
Large-Scale Scrum

Leading Change:

Leading Change
Our Iceberg
Who Moved My Cheese
unloking science behind agile
That's Not How We
XL R8 Accelerate
Project to Product

Creative Thinking:

The Design Thinking Playbook
Thinking, Fast and Slow
Change by Design

Take the Knowledge to the next level:

Technological Revolutions
The Age of Agile
The Goal
Essential Scrum