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  • We are the fastest growing Agile professional training organisation in the world.
  • We specialise in SAFe training and certification, which is recognised by over 70% of companies worldwide.
  • We offer in-depth, comprehensive, and complete training across all Agile career progression.
  • We provide a clear and supported pathway to both Agile certification and prolonged career success.
  • We employ proven and effective training methods which are lauded by all students resulting in an average rating of 5/5.

Agile Consulting

We have proven record of helping enterprises, IT Operations, Business team get incredible tangible benefits through Agile transformation.

Increased speed to Value

Have creating strong alignments on business and customer and reduced duplication and improved time to market.

Improve customer satisfaction

Focusing on Customer centricity, design thinking methodologies and tools increased the customer satisfaction scores.

Reduce Cost Serve

Increased agility of the organisation in a fast-changing and unpredictable environments with frequent changing priorities.

Better Employee Experience

Increased employee motivation by promoting autonomy, mastery, and purpose and protecting team self-organisation.

Head Trainer Description

Vijayan Seenisamy
Head Trainer

Our head trainer, Vijayan (VJ) Seenisamy, is a certified SPC and seasoned SAFe scaled Agile professional with 15+ years leading in both Business Management and I.T. Solution transformation environments across many multinational companies.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, it is here where ‘VJ’ discovered his true passion for Agile after witnessing the incredible productivity impacts practising Lean and Agile had at both a personal and professional level. He is currently pursuing a PhD in researching Agile in addition to planning and writing a second Agile book.

He has spent many years practising Agile philosophies in his positions as a Business Intelligence consultant, Solution Architect Lead, Infrastructure Delivery Lead, Transformation Lead and Agile trainer. In 2020 VJ wrote and published the Amazon bestselling book ‘Unlocking the Science Behind Agile’ providing further insight into what makes Agile practices so successful.

Armed with a wealth of experience and knowledge and retaining both business management and IT acumen, VJ’s uncanny ability to teach source learning content in an easy-to-understand manner has made him our most popular trainer at Lead Agile Solutions. VJ’s passion for Agile has seen him organising meetups as a method to share his knowledge of Lean and Agile.


Michael Wyngaard
Senior Business Specialist
Michael Wyngaard
Vijayan displayed a deep and complete understanding of the Agile philosophy and was able to articulate this in a very easy to understand manner. To put it more bluntly, what he taught, what he said, what he conveyed, it all made sense, and because of this, was extremely engaging. I have attended many courses. However, Vijayan is the first instructor I have ever encountered who did not need to reference the source material book as it was clear all of this information was well versed in his mind. It is amazingly refreshing to be taught by someone who genuinely knows what they are talking about and that someone is Vijayan.


We have trained professionals from many great companies including the following

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SAFe® Certification

Why be trained by LAS

  • We specialise in SAFe, Scaled Agile coaching and training, which is the adapted training standard for over 70% of companies worldwide and is growing rapidly.
  • Unlike our competitors, we do not just train you to pass an exam – we provide you with both business and I.T. insights giving you a critical edge to aggressively advance your career.
  • We offer in-depth, comprehensive, and complete Agile training in Scrum Master, Course Owner, Course Manager, DevOps, Software Engineering, Architecture and much more.
  • We provide you with a clear and supported pathway to business-recognised SAFe Agile certification.
  • Our teaching methods are incredibly effective, involving Instructor-led interactive training combining simulations, scenarios, role plays, quizzes, and games – it is what sets us apart from other Agile training companies.
  • Our trainers lean into their extensive international working history across countless multinational conglomerates to provide you with real-world examples and case-studies in Agile transformations.
  • Our students average feedback score and rating currently sits at 5 out of 5, thus solidifying our training methods and success.

Why get SAFe certification?

Recognition and verification: With over 70 percent of the US Fortune 100 companies using SAFe, the demand for SAFe certified professionals is growing at an exponential rate.

Opportunities for career development: Enterprises that hire SAFe certified professionals are hiring individuals that onboard faster and understand the SAFe environment more quickly than those without a background in Agile or SAFe.

Simplify certification across the enterprise: For those looking to certify at scale within their enterprise, Scaled Agile, Inc. offers simplified license management and cost savings through a single agreement for the organization.

Membership in the SAFe® Community Platform: Included with a SAFe Certification is membership in the SAFe Community Platform, which facilitates the management of an individual’s credentials and gives them access to a wealth of resources, such as professional development to keep their SAFe knowledge current as well as SAFe Communities of Practice (CoPs).

Access digital badges: SAFe certified professionals receive the added benefit of a digital badge—an easily shareable version of their certification that enables them to display their achievement in email signatures, digital resumes, and social networks, to help them gain visibility in today’s ever-expanding digital marketplace.

Certified SAFe professionals are globally recognised

Certification Pathway

Please contact us directly should you have any questions as to which pathway should be taken.

Agile Consulting

Agile Consulting – Enterprise Lean – Agile Implementation
The Future Ways of Working

We have proven record of transforming IT Operations and business teams into Lean-Agile ways of working with incredible results.

We work with you throughout the transformation journey to guide every steps to succeed, sustain and accelerate the results.

We asses your function and suggest the tailor-made solutions to suite your organisation to flourish to adapt the new ways of working to thrive in the future.

To discuss how the team at Lead Agile can help you scale agile with the Scaled Agile Framework® contact us on or 0426 292 663



Written and Published by Lead Agile Solutions

Written for all levels of Agile practitioners, this book reveals the science behind much of the Agile philosophy. 

Using real-world and relatable examples, it will demonstrate to the reader that business success through the practice of Agile is not a simple fluke but rather a well-orchestrated practised methodology which has fundamental scientific foundations.

  • How can certain people effortlessly complete literally dozens of impossible tasks in a single day?
  • What drives a team into that special zone where they turn the impossible into reality?
  • Why can some businesses design, build and release successful products to market in a matter of months while other companies cannot?

The connections between science and Agile has the answers.

Discover the scientific secrets behind Agile and how it contributes to business success and empowers the individual to reach greater heights of productivity and achievement.

By offering unique insights into many scientific connections with Agile practices, this book will unlock the reasons why understanding the science behind Agile is crucial to both business and personal success.

Education is our passport to the future. For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today – Malcolm X.

Your Agile journey need not stop with the completion of our courses. Agile’s very essence is a mindset, a value, a philosophy… Increasing one’s knowledge causes you to increase one’s stature, and reading is very much at the heart of learning. At LAS, we pride ourselves on building as much knowledge as we can through literature to pass onto you, and it is a resource we would very much like to share. Below are a number of recommended book titles that all of us at LAS have found inspirational in our own Agile journeys, all of which are sure to see you maximise your Leadership, Lean and Agile skills… enjoy…

Agile Essentials:

Building Great Teams:

Technical Agility:


Lean thinking:

Scaled Agile Books:

Leading Change:

Creative Thinking:

Take the Knowledge to the next level:



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