Registering online is easy and convenient. Go to the SAFe certification page and pick the course you think will add value to your career. Once you have decided, choose the date that suits you from the course schedule table before finally clicking the book now button to make the payment in a secured manner.

Once you have booked your course, you’ll be sent a confirmation email to your nominated email address. Depending on the payment method you have used, it might take up to 72 hours for the payment to clear. Once the payment is received, our automated invoicing system will trigger the invoice with payment confirmation, which you can use to claim the tax benefits (if applicable in your country).

All course fees include the following:

  • Digital course workbook
  • Two days of live-online training (Instructor-led)
  • Eligibility to take the exam (Exam fee included)
  • Course Certification of completion
  • Digital badge after the successful completion of the exam
  • One-year membership to the SAFe community platform
  • A complimentary copy of “Unlocking the Science Behind Agile” written by Vijayan (VJ) Seenisamy

The classes are conducted via online, instructor-led live sessions. We use video conferencing, incorporating state-of-the-art collaboration tools to provide our learners’ with the best possible learning experience.

The classes run between 10:30 AM and 7:00 PM AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time – Melbourne time). When you reserve your class placement, please convert the allotted time to your time zone before booking. The idea of running courses within the AEST time span is to provide our world-class training to a global audience rather than localised ones. People from all around the world are able to participate in the highest level of Agile training in the comfort of their own homes and at times that are better suited to their needs.

At Lead Agile Solutions, we not only teach “Design Thinking”, we also apply this to our own services to create a world-class experience for our learners.
Once you’ve booked a course online:
1. You will receive an instant email-confirmation delivered to your inbox with the payment and course information.
2. Depending on your payment method, the payment might take up to 72 hours to clear. Once cleared, our automated invoicing system will trigger the confirmation invoice, which you may wish to use for the tax submission.
3. Approximately ten days before the course, you will receive an email containing all the details required to attend the course, along with meeting invites to block your calendar.
4. A 30-minute pre-course seminar is conducted two days before the course to ensure your technology set-up works in addition to setting the course day’s expectations. This will ensure that you can join and enjoy the class without any distractions on the class’s day.

This is one of the most common questions asked. Here at Lead Agile Solution, our aim is not just to prepare you to pass the exam for certification purposes. Instead, we want you to get the necessary knowledge and understanding to apply the learning at work and in your personal life.

We also understand, passing the exam is the first step of the process. So we catered our teaching methods to make sure you will be best equipped to pass the exams both comfortably and confidently. Student feedback has stated that after a quick 30-minute revision post-class, passing their exams was relatively straight forward. As a hint, we suggest that we don’t think about the exam until you complete the course—our highest purpose is for you to acquire the expertise to apply and stand out from the crowd in your career.

Congratulations on getting your team-level Agile certifications or prior working experiences at the team level Agile frameworks (Scrum or Kanban etc.). It will undoubtedly provide you with an excellent foundation. By learning the Scaled Agile Framework, you will promote yourself to lead and perform Lean-Agile roles at the Enterprise level.

SAFe offers 11 certification courses. Except for Lead Agilist (SA), all other courses are role-specific, teaching you how to perform these roles in a Lean-Agile organisation. SA is a highly recommended (and highly regarded) course that provides you with a tremendous Agile foundational to kick-start your SAFe journey.

In response to the question ‘why did you select that particular course over other role-specific courses’ most Lead Agile Solution students will simply reply because one of their colleagues or friends has done it or suggested it.

At Lead Agile Solutions, we generally suggest to everyone to begin by completing the SA course as it provides you with a great holistic understanding of SAFe, how it works and why it works. After this, you will be far better positioned to choose a role-specific course that is right for you. Thin Scrum Master v Product Owner – the SA course overviews both!

We understand that not all students are equal in terms of their Agile maturity levels. That’s why our head trainer, VJ, has come up with a Lean-Agile Essentials curriculum, which is taught to everyone at the start of every course to ensure you are given the proper foundation in Lean and Agile concepts to start building the Scaled agile framework towers.

The feedback from past students regarding this teaching approach has been nothing but positive, with pupils new to Agile stating they wouldn’t have been to grasp the Agile concepts as well as they could without the Essentials curriculum, while more Agile-advanced students greatly appreciate the refresher on Scaled agile concepts.

Ten days before the class, an email will reach your inbox with all the details, including E-learning links.

We in Lead Agile always suggest our learners come to the class with a fresh and open mind, and we’ll make sure at the end of the class you’ll leave with a complete toolset to thrive in a Lean-Agile organisation.

If you are unable to attend the course after booking, we will suggest contacting us as earliest as possible. If you contact us 10 days before the class, we’ll refund the 100% course fee. If it is less than 10 days, we’ll do our best to accommodate you in the next available class.

Please feel free to contact us on our mobile at +61 400 095 782 or drop us an email at We will get back to you as soon as possible.