Written for all levels of Agile practitioners, this book reveals the science behind much of the Agile philosophy. 

Using real-world and relatable examples, it will demonstrate to the reader that business success through the practice of Agile is not a simple fluke but rather a well-orchestrated practised methodology which has fundamental scientific foundations.

  • How can certain people effortlessly complete literally dozens of impossible tasks in a single day?
  • What drives a team into that special zone where they turn the impossible into reality?
  • Why can some businesses design, build and release successful products to market in a matter of months while other companies cannot?

The connections between science and Agile has the answers.

Discover the scientific secrets behind Agile and how it contributes to business success and empowers the individual to reach greater heights of productivity and achievement.

By offering unique insights into many scientific connections with Agile practices, this book will unlock the reasons why understanding the science behind Agile is crucial to both business and personal success.