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Around the world, Lean and Agile are lately becoming huge buzz words among the small, medium and big corporates. In recent years, more and more organisations have either already adopted or in the middle of the adaption or verge of adapting them to endure the volatile marketplace. Add to this Pandemic has also increased the need for accelerating the adoption of the business agility to be more creative and agile to thrive in the new world.
A recent business study published in “Harvard Business Review” insists that 8 out of 10 current workforces is going to be either directly or indirectly involved working in Lean-Agile environments within the next 24 months:

What's in it for me in this free course?

At the end of the course, you will have a great understanding of the following:

  • What is Agile with real-life examples?
  • How is it evolved?
  • Benefits and why it is essential than ever been?
  • What are the methodologies/types that exist in the market?
  • Comparison of Top 3 methods and its different applications
  • Lean introduction and Evolution
  • Similarities & differences between Lean and Agile
  • A quick overview of its excellence in organisations
  • What’s next in the career path?

Who will benefit?

  • All levels from the small to big organisations
    • i.e. Executives, Middle Management, Team members
  • All industry, i.e. Banking, Telecom, Finance, Manufacturing, etc..
  • Not only IT-specific roles – Business/Finance/Operations/HR, etc..
  • Small business owners
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Next Session: 17th December, 2020

Agile Consulting

We have proven record of helping enterprises, IT Operations, Business team get incredible tangible benefits through Agile transformation.

Increased speed to Value

Have creating strong alignments on business and customer and reduced duplication and improved time to market.

Improve customer satisfaction

Focusing on Customer centricity, design thinking methodologies and tools increased the customer satisfaction scores.

Reduce Cost Serve

Increased agility of the organisation in a fast-changing and unpredictable environments with frequent changing priorities.

Better Employee Experience

Increased employee motivation by promoting autonomy, mastery, and purpose and protecting team self-organisation.

Who We Are

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We are an enthusiastic and experienced team who are in the industry collectively for over 55 years with a variety of Technical/Business experiences. We offer interactive and well explained Agile coaching and certified Scaled Agile Framework courses that enable and enhance your skills towards the diversity of job opportunities in the industry.

Our Trainer, Vijayan Seenisamy, is a pioneer in implementing agile methodologies, leadership coaching and mentoring in the various organisations. His unique experience working in multiple IT functions and business performance and operations positioned him as an extraordinary trainer who can provide real-time examples across various enterprise functions to make the students understand the concepts clearly. His particular way of teaching not only offers students the necessary tools and skills required, but it will also prepare them to perform well in their future agile roles.


Michael Wyngaard
Senior Business Specialist
Michael Wyngaard
Vijayan displayed a deep and complete understanding of the Agile philosophy and was able to articulate this in a very easy to understand manner. To put it more bluntly, what he taught, what he said, what he conveyed, it all made sense, and because of this, was extremely engaging. I have attended many courses. However, Vijayan is the first instructor I have ever encountered who did not need to reference the source material book as it was clear all of this information was well versed in his mind. It is amazingly refreshing to be taught by someone who genuinely knows what they are talking about and that someone is Vijayan.


We have trained professionals from many great companies including the following

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