Lead Agile Solutions train the clients with agile principles, agile mindset, and agile values through agile practices, tools, and processes with insight and practical. We train with leading industries transformations case studies that enable the clients to gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge which enable the clients to fast-track their career.

SAFe Courses

Lead Agile Solutions we provide training by the trainers with Leading industry experience and Teaching with passion, Engaging and Interactive Learning environment.  We are offering a wide range of SAFe courses currently schedule and forthcoming.

Agile Coaching Services

Lead Agile Solutions provides a distinct coaching experience for our clients. Our experienced coaches inspire, mentor and coach individuals and teams along their success to master in Agile practice or implementation.

Enterprise Transformation

Successful and sustainable Agile transformations require a true shift in not only the processes but the entire culture of the organisation. We will support and enable your organisation to establish a roadmap to implement the transformation by Agile at Scale, Governance, Release, ART Launch and Sustainability.

Agile Assessment Services

Lead Agile Solutions conducts a high degree of Agile Readiness Assessments that identify areas that require the change or alignment before the agile transformation begins. Lead Agile Solutions assessments exhibit and prove the best practice in the enterprise and regulate the resource management to achieve the high performance on task output by the team and change the organisational culture with Agile Mindset.

Who We Are

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We are an enthusiastic and experienced team who are in the industry for over 20 years with a variety of Technical/Business experiences. We offer interactive and well explained Agile coaching that enable and enhance your skills towards the diversity of job opportunities in the industry.

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