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  • We are the fastest growing Agile professional training organisation in the world.
  • We specialise in SAFe training and certification, which is recognised by over 70% of companies worldwide.
  • We offer in-depth, comprehensive, and complete Scaled Agile training across all career pathways.
  • We provide a clear and supported pathway to both Agile certification and prolonged career success.
  • We employ proven and effective training methods, which are lauded by all students resulting in an average rating of 5/5.


Lead Agile Solutions is one of the leading providers of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) certification in Australia. If you’re looking to advance your career or transform your business using Lean-Agile methodology, then having Scaled Agile certification is an important first step.

Certified SAFe professionals are recognised globally for their expertise in transforming organisations into Lean-Agile enterprises. With SAFe certification, you will develop the skills, knowledge and mindset to apply Lean-Agile principles to any project or organisation. It will also enhance your professional credibility, increase career opportunities and improve your marketability.

At Lead Agile Solutions, we offer a full range of professionally run Agile courses in Melbourne and across Australia. Whether you’re looking for Safe Agile Product Management or Agile Product Owner certification, Agile Scrum Master certification, Project Management certification or SAFe Architect training, we can help. Our courses include:

  • Certified SAFe Lean Portfolio Manager
  • Certified SAFe DevOps Practitioner
  • Certified SAFe Practitioner
  • Certified SAFe Government Practitioner
  • Certified SAFe Agile Software Engineer
  • Certified SAFe Agile Product Management
  • Certified SAFe Agilist
  • SAFe Scrum Masters Certification
  • Certified SAFe Product Manager
  • Certified SAFe Advanced Scrum Master
  • Certified SAFe Architect

Join a network of over 600,000 SAFe-trained professionals from more than 110 countries worldwide and reap the rewards of SAFe certification.


We have a proven record of helping enterprises, teams and individuals access the benefits of Agile transformation.


Increase Productivity

Agile makes optimal use of resources ensuring that the project is always moving forwards and team members are always productive.


Improvements in Quality

In Agile development, testing is incorporated throughout the process and changes and improvements ARE integrated to ensure superior product quality.


Respond to Change

Improve organisational agility in fast-changing and unpredictable environments with frequently changing priorities.


Better Employee Experience

Increase employee motivation by promoting autonomy, mastery and purpose and protecting team self-organisation.


Team Accountability

Increased accountability on all levels by increasing transparency and establishing an environment of trust.


Reduce Risks

Agile methodologies significantly reduce project risks through the use of sprints and iterations focused on continuous delivery.

Head Trainer Description

Vijayan Seenisamy - Head Trainer

Vijayan Seenisamy
Head Trainer

Our head trainer, Vijayan (VJ) Seenisamy, is a certified SPC and seasoned SAFe scaled Agile training professional with 15+ years leading in both Business Management and I.T. Solution transformation environments across many multinational companies.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, it is here where ‘VJ’ discovered his true passion for Agile after witnessing the incredible productivity impacts practising Lean and Agile had at both a personal and professional level. He is currently pursuing a PhD in researching Agile in addition to planning and writing a second Agile book.

He has spent many years practising Agile philosophies in his positions as a Business Intelligence consultant, Solution Architect Lead, Infrastructure Delivery Lead, Transformation Lead and Agile trainer. In 2020 VJ wrote and published the Amazon bestselling book ‘Unlocking the Science Behind Agile’ providing further insight into what makes Agile practices so successful.

Armed with a wealth of experience and knowledge and retaining both business management and IT acumen, VJ’s uncanny ability to teach source learning content in an easy-to-understand manner has made him our most popular trainer at Lead Agile Solutions. VJ’s passion for Agile has seen him organising meetups as a method to share his knowledge of Lean and Agile.

What do people say about Lead Agile’s SAFe training?

Tess Nash
Tess Nash
Application Development
Senior Analyst
Tess Nash

VJ’s knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework helped to reinforce my existing knowledge about agile methodologies and the benefits that agile can bring to an organisation. The SAFe Certified Scrum Master course highlighted the importance of Scrum and how impactful it can be when introduced to a company or team. This knowledge – coupled with VJ’s detailed examples and explanations – made the course really enjoyable and engaging. Having a smaller class meant that we could engage more freely with one another and have rigorous discussions whilst exploring the course material, and the real-world experience that VJ was able to provide to his students during these discussions was invaluable. Having an incredible teacher such as VJ made the course extremely beneficial and enlightening to me, and it is refreshing to know that there are coaches like him out there who encourage our continuous learning and growth in the ever-evolving world of agile.


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